Federal Employees, Are Your Portfolios on Track?

Understand Self-Directed TSP Account Management & How To Maximize Your Employer Based Retirement Savings.

Studies show that professionally managed accounts outperform unmanaged accounts by 3.32%, net of fees. For a 45-year-old participant, this could translate to... 

75% more wealth at age 65

Introducing the Personal Wealth Builder Program
through Nautica Asset Management

This graph below clearly illustrates the major difference between having a Financial Advisor and not having one. 
Give your advisor the power to professionally manage your account.

Federal Employees...you can prepare better for retirement.
Give your Financial Advisor the power to get you there.

Traditionally, accounts such as TSP, 401(k)s, 403(b)s and 529s were not managed by your Financial Advisor, putting you further behind your financial goals. Advisors could not provide the ongoing management and oversight that is expected and required as a fiduciary due to limitations in technology. Now, there is a solution for advisors to manage these assets.

Personal Wealth Builder Program enables your advisor to view, manage and trade any held away asset and provide you with the benefits of comprehensive portfolio management. This allows your advisor to do the job you hired them to do — full, holistic account management and wealth planning — and helps you to rest easy that all of your investable assets are being professionally managed.

Comprehensive Account Management: 

Consolidate all of your accounts with one trusted advisor.

Better Outcomes: 

Have all of your accounts professionally managed.


Asset Allocation Strategies: 

Optimize allocation and potentially reduce tax burdens.

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That lack of information and inability for Federal Government employees to get guidance regarding their retirement and career benefits is truly alarming. Most government employees are unaware that many of the career-long benefits drop off at retirement and, as such, are not prepared for the consequences. It’s why so many federal employees are forced to find jobs after retirement. If you are a government employee, this book, the Eleven Common Mistakes Federal Employees Make Claiming Their Retirement Benefits; How to Avoid These Mistakes and Achieve Your Retirement Dreams was written specifically to help you achieve the dreams of retirement you aspire to.

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